The Justice Tapes by Herbert Beigel

The Justice Tapes by Herbert Beigel

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A thriller about law and justice.

Cornelius Michael Sullivan of Northern Ireland decides to visit New York City to research a book he plans to write about Irish Americans. 

On his first night in New York, Cornelius encounters a lawyer in an Irish pub who immediately engages him in conversation, a somewhat one-sided conversation as it turns out, in which the lawyer spins tales of his thirty-year career.

Cornelius is intrigued, and so he tape records what the lawyer says about his life and the cases in which he was involved. 

What Cornelius learns exposes him to a world of betrayal and violence, causing him to question his deepest belief about what truly is just.

About Herbert Beigel

Herbert Beigel is a graduate of Brandeis University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He also holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona.

As a young lawyer, he was a Special Attorney for the Organized Crime Section of the United
States Department of Justice, leading the largest investigation of police corruption in  American history.

Since then, he has been a trial lawyer in private practice for forty-six years, trying major cases throughout the United States on behalf of victims of fraud and those wrongly taken to task by the judicial system.

Mr. Beigel also has enjoyed a varied career as
an actor, writer, and theater and motion picture director and producer. Among his productions are the movies, Heavy (1996) and First Love Last Rites (1998) and off Broadway revivals of A Soldier’s Story and Rhinoceros. He wrote and directed the film Camp Stories (1997), starring Elliott Gould, Jerry Stiller, and Jason Biggs. He is also the author of Beneath the Badge, a true story of police corruption (Harper and Row, 1976) and numerous short  stories, including his collection, Empire of the Self (Lightsway Publishing, 2012).

He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife, the artist Kim Marie Webb, and three dogs. He
and Kim have four children and five grandchildren, all devoted to the arts.